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Aladdin eToken Pro USB Token Installation Help


Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) 1.1 or later, on the computer where you are installing the eToken Pro software (i.e. RTE_3_51.MSI).

Note: MSI 1.1 or higher is included with all installations of Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

If the MSI is not present on your computer, the eToken Pro software will not install, and the most common error you will face is that the software executable (i.e. RTE_3_51.MSI) will either open in word-pad or will not otherwise run properly.

This problem is mostly seen on Windows 98 and NT operating systems, where the MSI utility is not included by default.

If you face this issue, you must ensure the following:

  1. Do not plug in the USB Token into your computer until the software is first installed
  2. Ensure that the computer has MSI version 1.1 or higher installed. The MSI is the Windows Installer utility that is required to install the eToken Pro software. You can download MSI version 2.0 from;en-us;292539
  3. Restart your computer after this and then plug in the USB Token.

To obtain the latest copy of the MSI, please visit

Error in eToken Properties

When you try to run the “eToken Properties” application after installing the eToken drivers, a "Failed to load etoken.dll" or "Cannot initialize eToken.dll"  errror may occur. This is usually caused by a Service error.

To check the Service:

  1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, then Services.

  2. Locate the Smart card service.

  3. Verify that the Service is Started. Ideally, the startup type should be set to Automatic.

  4. Locate eToken Notification Service.

  5. Verify that the Service is Started.

After verifying that both services are set to Started, check to see if the eToken Properties application still shows an error with the etoken.dll. If it does, there may be a permissions error. If either service fails to start or the problem persists, contact your IT Help Desk or Computer Support person for assistance


Error during installation of eToken software


  1. Go to Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services ,  scroll down to Smart Card, Right Click on it and click properties.

  2. Select the "Log As" Tab.

  3. Choose the following "NT AUTHORITY\LocalService" under "This Account", without a password.

  4. Restart the machine


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